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The Edge of the Sunset


My third new level!
You can regard it as the sequel of Air Climber.
In this level, you have to wisely use the balloons to get to the pipe, and sometimes you need to go past the little path.Laughing out loud


Air Climber

This is my second level!
I made a new goo and pipe type in the level, and I've spent lots of time on them.
So I hope you enjoy playin' as much as I enjoyed makin' it.Wink

Enjoy and don't forget to rate!

Dragging Labyrinth


This is my first new level to update on this site.
And I've got this idea a month ago but I didn't know how to make it 'til I found the site and WooGLE. You gotta try a new way to complete the level-dragging! And there's no need to build any tower!Wink But you still need to be careful of the blacks!!!

V 0.2

-Used gm_util_autopipe instead of PipeOpener, and thanks to goomatz for it.

Enjoy! and Please Rate!


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