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GoomatzThu, 12/18/2014 - 14:3141.39m1,5402 weeks 14 hours
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A setup, of balls, forcefields and some rectangles, which makes the pipe apparently working without a goostructure.

Dragging Labyrinth


This is my first new level to update on this site.
And I've got this idea a month ago but I didn't know how to make it 'til I found the site and WooGLE. You gotta try a new way to complete the level-dragging! And there's no need to build any tower!Wink But you still need to be careful of the blacks!!!

V 0.2

-Used gm_util_autopipe instead of PipeOpener, and thanks to goomatz for it.

Enjoy! and Please Rate!

Delivering Beauty

Deliver beauty to the pipe!It seems like a long way to go...
This level is based on Deliverance and Grape Vine Virus.

GooPeg Template

With this addin you can make your own GooPeg Level. Be sure that you have the GooPeg addin installed before installing this one.

popup game

New gameplay-no goostructure building or flinging goos.

I doublechecked all the spam you could undelete in "Deliverence".
Guess what! There wasn't only spam in the recycle bin.
I found a small popup game.

Bulletin Board Systems

A little extension of goomatz's keep on running

Boom and down

New version 0.3

this is an level where you go down

NOTE:The original level name was going down and the folder name is goingdown


Where you start

A fun level

so have fun!

change music

This is one possibility how to change the music within a level.

keep on running

It's the sequel of on the run.

This level wasn't build in one day,
it wasn't build at all, I would say it has grown by its own and it has grown big.
It may take 10 sec. to load.


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