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Release date: 01/29/2012 - 16:58
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With this addin you can make your own GooPeg Level. Be sure that you have the GooPeg addin installed before installing this one.

Here's a step by step guideline for how it's done:

  • Download and install the goomod.
  • Start WooGLE and open the level "GooPegTemplate".
  • Clone the level and give it a unique name starting with GooPeg e.g. "GooPegWhatever".
  • It's not necessary, but I'd recommend you delete the images nightsky.png and peggleshooter.png in the level folder and change the resource to point to res/levels/GooPegI/nightsky and res/levels/GooPegI/peggleshooter.
  • Arrange the targets you have to hit as you like within the range of the shooter. The targets are goobals called goomatz_pegs and goomatz_recpegs. One of each ball type is included the template. You can copy and paste them to create your level.
  • Each of these targets has to be surrounded tightly by geometry. There are two example compositegeoms for round (id="roundpeg") and rectangular (id="recpeg") targets. Copy and paste one on each target you have placed. Or build your own ones with following properties:
    • tag="ballbuster"
    • contacts="true"
    • collide="true"
    • nogeomcollisions="true" *
  • At this point you should do your first test run to make sure none of the points get stuck. If some get stuck:
    • The points are collected with utility balls (goomatz_utilpegscore) with strand type rigid.
    • Adjust these balls till the points are collected.
  • Build a strand between each target and one of the two "anchorsticky" balls (id="targetanchor" or "targetanchor1").
  • Test again to make sure that you haven't missed a strand and that every target can be cleared.
  • Don't touch anything else in the level unless you know what you are doing. Any change of mechanics, forcefields or whatever might break the whole thing.**
  • Add music.
  • Click "Make goomod". WooGLE will ask you if you like to add all custom resources in the goomod -->Click NO.
  • Go to the goomod folder and add the lines
    	<depends ref="com.goofans.goomatz.popupgame" />

    in the addin.xml, right after the <author> line.
  • People can find your level easily if you write "GooPeg level..." in the addin description.
  • Delete the goomod within the goomod folder
  • Zip everything in the folder and rename the zip file to .goomod

*Unfortunately, nogeomcollisions isn't working with dynamic geometry.
**A detailed explanation about the whole mechanics and such will follow soon.

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