Here on GooFans I, along with the help of MOM4Evr and Albino Pokey, have put together a few rules for the forums. There haven't really been too many problems, but the forums are pretty active so this is an effort to keep them clean and organized. You don't have to check them every time you post, but it would be appreciated if you could take the time to read them over them and get a basic grip of how to keep the forums healthy Smile

Universal Rules
Support Rules
Pictures of your Cat Rules

In addition, there are some new Goomod Guidelines. These are guidelines that inform you of how to make good goomods, and to increase your chances of getting your addin published. Although most people make satisfactory addins, it is still HIGHLY recommended that you read them, particularly if you want to make more than just single level addins.
Please read the Goomod Guidelines here.

I hope that these rules help GooFans become a friendlier, efficient, and overall better community! Wink


(All of these rules and guidelines can also be accessed through the forums.)