Support Rules [PLEASE READ]

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These rules should be read before posting in the Support section. Following them will help us help you faster, and more accurately.
These rules should be followed along with the Universal Rules.


Read the FAQs. FAQs are Frequently Asked Questions, and they answer common questions that people keep asking. Your question might be one of these, so before posting it here, check if it isn't answered already. This will save you time, plus the FAQs probably explain the solution better anyway.
Here are links to the FAQs: World of Goo FAQ, GooTool FAQ, Developer FAQ.


Explain your problem in as much detail as possible. Saying "world of goo isn't working" tells us nothing, no indication of why, so we can't do anything about it. Tell us what went wrong, if it happened before, what you were trying to do, any errors that came up, basically as much information about the issue as possible. You should also say which OS (Operating System) you're using, if you have administrator privileges, where World of Goo is located, just general stuff like that.
We often have to ask these things because people haven't done it already, and if you give this information beforehand (even if it doesn't seem related to the issue), it will save a lot of time.


We are not 2D Boy. GooFans is a World of Goo fan site, created and populated by fans of WoG. Although the 2D Boy forums redirect you here, Ron and Kyle rarely visit.
So when posting questions, do not assume that we created World of Goo, because we didn't. We can help you with problems you have by sharing our knowledge, sure, but don't ask us to make a patch or give you a refund.