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PuggsoySun, 10/07/2012 - 15:1318.48m1,10717 hours 37 min
SamThu, 12/23/2010 - 23:3422.18m69716 hours 20 min
Addins by puggsoy

Super Meat Balls - WoG Corp

Super Meat Balls Screenshot

Changes the goo balls in WoG Corp to Super Meat Boy inspired balls!
Just a little idea I got. If you can play as a goo ball in Super Meat Boy, why not have cubes of meat in World of Goo?

(Made my own graphics to avoid copyright infringement, I think I did all right Wink)

Little Inferno Level Creation Contest

It's Little Inferno Just For Me!

These are all four entries from the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest. The contest is over now, but feel free to play the levels below!

The level-by-level breakdown, as well as the winner, can be found here.

Up The Chimney

My entry for Little Inferno Level Creation Contest, also the winning entry. A simple level, supposed to represent the fireplace and chimney in Little Inferno.

You can play the original entry level here, along with the rest of the entries.

MOM4Evr's Handy Chapter Tutorial

Island 2 Map

This is a simple chapter addin that I whipped up in a few days for my chapter tutorial here. It overrides chapter 2 with a bunch of levels of my own creation from the NotWOG2 project. Special thanks to those who helped:

-- XDBoy, for the awesome intro movie (created with an early alpha version of GooVIE before it was released)
-- xanax, for the artwork in CrushingTest
-- puggsoy, since I loosely based this off his "Puggsoy's Island" mod
-- goomatz, for his XSL knowledge

Minecraft Signs

This replaces all wooden signs with Minecraft-y signs. This changes both the sign graphics and the sign fonts. Keep in mind that this applies only to wooden signs, digital signs inside Chapter 4 remain unchanged.
This is just something I put together, initially as a suggestion from kirdneh, as a reply to my Wooden Signs mod. I also had a great lot of help from Albino Pokey, who supplied the font and images.



A unique level I thought up a while back. Was initially created for the first LCC2, which didn't end up happening.
When making the OCD for this I was surprised by how many moves it took.
By the way, there's a ton of geometry that I had to position carefully, so even though it looks simple it wasn't easy. Take a look at it in WooGLE to see what I mean.

v1.1: Simply changed the description, due to the LCC I entered it for not happening.

Puggsoy's Level Creation Contest 1 Entry

Frost Screenshot

A small but snowy adventure for the gooballs. My submission for the LCC1.
Not sure if I put enough effort into this, really. Kind of small, but then again a big level was no requirement for the contest.

v1.1: Snow blockage added to prevent the goo structure near the exit opening the pipe at the beginning of the level (and making a sucking sound throughout the whole level). Thanks to goomatz for the suggestion.

World of Goo Corporation Reversion Pack

World of Goo Corporation Reversion Pack Screenshot

These two mods can revert WoG Corp to a former version, either My Virtual World of Goo Corporation or the original World of Goo Corporation. Check the Downloads tab for both goomods.

* Build your tower digitally, or get back the good ol' intact Corporation.
* Your tower progress stays, only the level changes.
* You can get back the destroyed WoG Corp at any time by simply disabling/uninstalling the addin.


Tumbler Of Gloo

Tumbler Of Gloo Screenshot

A level I created for my Gloos and Gloo Bottles. The only level I could think up which would require a dispenser of goo.
I made the Gloo and Gloo Bottle goos, but after MOM4Evr pointing out that I should make gooballs along with levels that need them I made this level. I warn you: it is extremely frustrating, unless you're very very skilled at this sort of stuff. If the original WoG was annoying, you are gonna hate this level.

But... hope you like it!

Puggsoy's Island

Puggsoy's Island Screenshot

My first custom chapter, basically a section of Chapter 2 containing three levels. Primarily a test to see how chapters work and how to make one.
The levels here are pretty easy, I just made them for the chapter. I initially started this so that I could make a tutorial on how to make chapters (which I'll still make), but it turned out to be more complicated than I thought.
Hope you like it!


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