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PuggsoySun, 10/07/2012 - 15:1318.48m1,10717 hours 37 min
SamThu, 12/23/2010 - 23:3422.18m69716 hours 20 min
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Ferris Wheely

Ferris Wheely Screenshot

A unique level with a rotating ferris wheel, complete with swinging seats. Also my first level with water.

If anyone has or can make some better ferris wheel graphics, I would love to be able to use them. Please comment here if you can.

Thanks to goomatz for his fix to the "Pokey-to-seat-fling-o-rama" bug.

v1.1: "Pokey-to-seat-o-rama" bug fixed, and reference to it on the sign is removed. The OCD is also heightened to 10 Gooballs or more, thanks to ukpetd for giving me that.

The Zero Gravity Experimental Teleportation Station

The Zero Gravity Experimental Teleportation Station Screenshot

A level featuring no gravity, a rotating hand and an extremely long name. Slightly based on "Water Lock". Hope you like it!


v1.2 - New OCD, finish in 40 seconds or less.

ISH Signs

ISH Signs Screenshot

This addin makes all signs in World Of Goo, custom and original levels, display in the way of the digital signs in Chapter 4: Information Super Highway. This will have an effect on all levels, in all chapters and with all signs (even wooden ones), so remember to install and uninstall this mod to your needs.
Note: When this addin is enabled and a level is tested directly from WooGLE, a glitch occurs and only the text is displayed. This may be fixed in later versions.


Beauty In Cyberspace

Beauty In Cyberspace screenshot

My first published WoG level. Fairly simple, but I hope you like it nonetheless.


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