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I joined on 2014. My very first level was a pretty good hit that became pretty popular. I loved and so I made new versions for it. After a few years I Found Jim2012 he was not a moderator at that time till like 2017? We made levels together like WOG in real life it was very good I loved it! PS I can't believe I am friends with a moderator
I am ok with it.

World of Goo

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helloWed, 07/09/2014 - 23:5914.53m421 hour 56 min
METue, 07/01/2014 - 07:5710.89m41523 hours 29 min
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The Wake Up Call

Wake Up the goo balls at the other side!


* I can't take pics in game they turn black idk why

Update 1.2 - Changed the OCD to 13

The Pit

Sorry about the wait I was busy. So here it is...

Edit: this was a project from early 2017 and was canceled because my laptop wouldn't print screen for some random reason and so now I got a new one and now I can so I worked on the bugs and now its done!

Climb Up the Sign


Sorry I have been gone for awhile I had school and lots of work. So her is my level hope you enjoy it Laughing out loud

WOG In Real Life - Level Pack

WOG In Real Life

This is our first level pack so we hope you guys enjoy it. It takes place in real life! It also features some new custom balls as well Wink

New gooballs:

Lava Bomb
Rainbow Goo
Cloud Goo

(Custom gooballs made by Jim2102)

New levels:

Clouds - anthony54444
Inside The Volcano - anthony54444
The Old Cave - anthony54444
Gooballs Out In The World - anthony54444
Over The Lava - Jim2102
Tree Adventure - Jim2102
The Big Goo Pipe - Jim2102

We hope you do enjoy this, again this is our VERY FIRST level pack. We may make a part 2 to this in the future...

Have fun! Laughing out loud

A world 2


The Catch

looks like my level Paint never got publish yet so I made this.

looks like its summer now so I amy take lots of brakes but I will be look after my levels and making updates so I can make levels.

all rights for the custom orange spike from .SlipKnoT._2_2


another level thx for the surport

the goo balls and the ugly

another addin if we hit 50 download I will make a new addin

A world


hope you like my new addin that i made.

Info:the pipe is blend into the background
-just added

-bug fixes

-new background

-got harder
-add more goo balls
-and more bug fixes

-change the OCD to 45

the bombers

my level

here is another one it took me 2 hours to update a few to make it... hope you love it


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