Pictures of your Cat Rules [PLEASE READ]

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These rules should be read before posting in the Pictures of your Cat section. GooFans is a nice and friendly community, and following these rules will help keep it that way.
These rules should be followed along with the Universal Rules.


Although this is an off-topic section, keep in mind that all that means is that it does not have to be related to World of Goo or GooFans. It does NOT mean that you can spam smileys, make empty posts, or smash your keyboard. You can slack a bit with formality, just don't throw it out of the window altogether.


Don't derail threads, at least not intentionally. Try to stay on-topic, by that I mean write posts related to the thread. If you want to talk about something that there isn't a thread for, make one (or post in the General Off-Topic Discussion Thread).
If a discussion happens to lean away from the original topic, just because it does, that's OK. But if we're talking about global warming and you interrupt just to say "I got 200 points on Pacman!!!", we won't be happy.


This is a forum, not a chat room. A forum is supposed to be a place where you can take your time in writing posts, think about it, maybe edit it a few times before saving. In most cases, it'll be hours before the person you're talking to reads your post.
Therefore, you should not use the forum as a chat room. If you're online at the same time as somebody, using the forum to write short, quick messages back and forth is a waste of space and just annoying. If you want to chat, use the GooFans IRC channel, leave the forum to be used as it should be.


Don't post about World of Goo. This might seem silly at first but seriously, this is an entire forum about World of Goo, so there is no reason to post about it in Pictures of your Cat. This section is specifically for everything except WoG.
This isn't really a super-strict rule or anything. I mean, you can mention WoG in your post, or make jokes about goo, or say stuff about 2D Boy. But if you're gonna make a thread about how much you love World of Goo, or start a discussion about what Goo Balls do while they're not building towers, please don't post it here. There are various sections about various aspects to do with WoG, so there is absolutely no reason to post about it here. We won't delete your posts or get enraged if you do, but it'd just keep the forum cleaner and more organised if you don't.