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This is one possibility how to change the music within a level.

Feel free to use this method in your levels.

The first music is played by the gooballs on the left side.
It's one ball (Util_miniottbbMOM) containing 15 balls (utilmusic_miniottbb1).
The utilmusic_miniottbb1 ball contains 1 utilmusic_miniottbb2.
The utilmusic_miniottbb2 ball contains 1 utilmusic_miniottbb3
And so on till utilmusic_miniottbb9.
Each of this balls plays a part of the music piece. The more parts you are using the cleaner the transition of the pieces sounds.

The ball buster for the Util_miniottbb balls braeks when the geometry blocking the pipe breaks.* This also braeks a cache around the Util_kaptainpolkaMOM ball to start the second music.

The second music is played by the balls on the right.
It's one ball (Util_kaptainpolkaMOM) containing another (utilmusic_kaptainpolka), which contains 15 balls(utilmusic_kaptainpolka2), which is acctually playing the music.
Util_kaptainpolkaMOM is playing the cheer sound to cover the transition.
utilmusic_kaptainpolka is silent and just there to spawn the utilmusic_kaptainpolka2 balls. The music is played by the death event using decay.
Because their time is already exhausted they die immediately after getting spawned.

change log:
*vers 0.2 The ground below Util_miniottbb balls now also break. It's just a small change, but now they are dieing what make the transition even cleaner.

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