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World of Goo

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billy2000Sun, 12/09/2012 - 06:0811.77m28051 min 58 sec
billy2000Fri, 12/23/2016 - 21:3014.55m1,0982 days 1 hour
Addins by billy2000

Muddy Water

A level that will probably be in my future chapter (if I decide to make it). Easy to complete level.

Graphics made in GIMP. My first level that uses custom gooballs.

Fuse Escape

Get the gooballs to the pipe before the fire burns the entire goo structure! A level where you have to be fast to get to the pipe. You have to be super quick to get OCD.

Exit the room

A basic level that is fairly easy to complete. This is the first level that I have made since 2013!

Have fun!

Climb the hills

Go up the hills and avoid the spikes to get to the pipe.

Beauty Roll

Beauty Roll Level Screenshot

Help the Beauty go down the hill to get to the pipe.

The Puzzle

The Puzzle Level Screenshot

Get to the first chapter to the last chapter by collecting goo balls from each section. it is very easy have fun!


Upsidedown Level Screenshot

What happened, the World has gone upside down, how are we going to get to the pipe now it's to far up.

Gooball Check

Gooball Check Level Screenshot

Every goo ball helps you get to the pipe, even the annoying Beauty!

The Normal and the Virtual

The Normal and the Virtual Level Screenshot

The normal and the virtual goo balls don't like each other will they team up to get to the pipe.


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