These are named "states" in which the balls can exist. They describe what the ball is currently doing.

attached Attached to a structure
climbing Moving along a strand
detaching Being detached, but has not been actually removed from the structure
dragging Being held by the player
falling Falling or Flying.. not held by player, not sitting on geometry.
pipe Moving along inside the pipe
sleeping Asleep
standing On geometry, but not walking.
stuck Is a "sticky" ball and is stuck to geometry
stuck_attached Stuck to geometry and attached to a structure
stuck_detaching Stuck to geometry and being detached from a structure
tank In the tank (Final Stats screen)
walking On geometry and walking along.

There is one additional state onfire which can only be used in a particles tag.


These are named events which can happen to the balls. They describe what happened to it.

attach Attaches to a structure
attachcloser Attaches to a structure and is closer to the pipe
bounce Bounces when hitting geometry
collidediff Collides with a different type of ball
collidegeom Collides with a geometry object
collidesame collides with the same type of ball
death dies
deathfall Unknown
detached Is detached from a structure
detaching Is clicked ready for detaching
detonate Explodes after being on fire
drop Is dropped (at low speed) by the player.. not thrown
exit Enters the pipe
extinguish Unknown may be unused
ignite Catches fire
land Lands on geometry, but does not bounce.
marker the player moves the mouse over this ball (Hover)
pickup The player clicks the ball to grab it.
snap a strand snaps, also used for Pilot and Bit "launch" **
suction in range of the pipe
throw Released travelling at speed

Balls with "fling" capability use the snap event to specify the sound when the ball is launched.
The sounds played as the arrow changes size are hardcoded to SOUND_GLOBAL_FLING0 -> 9
It is "unclear" what specifies the sound to play when a Pilot strand snaps.