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It's been a while, isn't it? Anyway, this mod changes your corporation balls into 12 different still images of the common ball; from the app icon to a cyclops ball!
Because the balls are represented as still pictures, they will not produce any sounds upon death. Tongue

Explosion Sound Effects

10 random sound effects produced when a bomb detonates! This works with the Sticky Bomb, the mini bombs from the "Burning Man" level and the shaft bomb from the "Upper Shaft" level.
For your listening pleasure!

Billiards Corporation

so colorful!!

I'm back with a new mod which is like my other Billiards mod, but this time it changes the World of Goo Corporation balls into a random billiard ball! Really visual-appealing, isn't it?

Please note that this does not affect the balls in the Virtual Corporation.
Also, you can use this with my other Billiards mod, but make sure that mod is below this one in the mods list of GooTool (unless you have version 1.5).

Tower of Goo (Ivies Version)

Have you ever wished to get all the balls in the pipe in the original tower of goo level? Well, why not change all the commons to Ivies, then? Laughing out loud

Goal: 30
OCD: 111

NOTE: This level is called "Tower of Ivy" in GooTool.
NOTE 2: I know you can change the original balls by XML, but that's cheating!



This is my first mod that changes the appearance of a ball (actually lots), and probably the last one, because I got bored! Tongue
NOTE: I only edited the body images because I don't know how to use PhotoShop or GIMP properly, so I'm sorry if some of these changes look awful. I got these images from somewhere else. Is Paint.NET a good software for someone like me? (lol)

What are the new balls?

#1 balls are Common.
#2 balls are Albino.
#3 balls are common black, and Distant.
#4 balls are Pixel, SimCommon and DrainedIsh.
#5 balls are Pilots.
#6 balls are Ivies.

Number Adventure

This was an interesting idea I got a few days ago. Number gooballs! What do they do? I prefer not to spoil it. Tongue

Goal: 25
OCD: 100 balls


Generated pixel from dispenser

This is my first level on GooFans. It features a pixel dispenser that I originally wanted to use in momo1526's sandbox, so I made it myself! Laughing out loud

Goal: 30
OCD: 40 moves Tongue


Version 1.1

The OCD is now 37 moves. In my opinion, 40 was too easy.

Version 1.2

Added a pipe filter that allows only Pixel Products to get in. This is to prevent lag.
You're no longer able to build through the green platforms.


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