I've just released GooTool 0.10.0. This is the first release of the 0.10 series and it adds support for Mac OS X, preliminary suppport for the Linux beta, and a proper installer for Windows users.

I didn't get a chance to finish everything I wanted to, but I wanted to get the Mac port out as soon as possible. But there are a number of other changes too, read on for the changelog and roadmap. The goal is to complete all the new features in 0.10.x quickly and have a stable 1.0.0 release, so please report any bugs you find.

In other news, I've started documenting the game file formats on this site. I believe it's fairly straightforward for me to add people as editors, so just create an account here and let me know if you wish to contribute.

GooTool 0.10.0 Changes

- Added Mac support!
- Added file association and document icon for goomods on Mac
- Created a Windows installer, added goomod file association and icon
- rewrote code to support java 1.5 (you can no longer drag addins to reorder them though)
- fixed size of about dialog
- added file handling for Windows/refocussing if GooTool clicked on again
- skip over Unicode byte-order-marks, fixes UTF-8 files saved from Notepad etc
- Added options to the Advanced menu to encode/decode the various game file formats. You can select whole directories or multiple files.
- Preliminary support for the World of Goo Linux beta added. If you want to force GooTool to use your WINE World of Goo, run "GOOTOOL_PLATFORM=windows bin/gootool"
- Moved Addin description to the main Addins tab.


- Fixed a huge WTF on image encoding on non-Mac platforms.

MILESTONE 0.10.x (Final beta series)

- BUG FIX: Mac image conversion has slight colour shifts due to ColorModel
- IMPROVEMENT: Create more space on Chapter 1 to support more levels.
- IMPROVEMENT: Warn if using demo verion of WoG
- IMPROVEMENT: Don't SAVE if unmodified on LAUNCH

- NEW FEATURE: Addin author tool: create addin from directory/create addin from wogeditor, create addin from assets

- IMPROVEMENT: Move up/down buttons to reorder addins, to replace lost drag-and-drop functionality
- IMPROVEMENT: Make checkboxes in addin list actually enable/disable the addin
- BUG FIX: Dragging addins below last enabled addin should move it to bottom

- NEW FEATURE: Upload profile/tower to goofans.com
- NEW FEATURE: preference: upload tower on goo exit, or upload tower continuously during play (need to detect when process exits - java.lang.Process?)
- NEW FEATURE: backup/restore profile to website - perhaps just store their last 5 uploaded profiles?
- NEW FEATURE: mark user as cheat - requires X votes or something