Fall has arrived, and Little Miss World of Goo would like to point out that iOS versions of World of Goo have just dropped to 99ยข โ€“ now through the weekend. (And the Mac version on the Mac App Store has dropped to $1.99.) International stores have corresponding reductions too. Rouge your cheeks, fluff up your hair, and smile for the cameras. This sale is valid for only the most attractive visitors.

  • World of Goo HD ($0.99 โ€“ works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Regularly $4.99)
  • World of Goo (non-HD) ($0.99 โ€“ works on iPhone and iPod Touch only. You should probably just get the HD version above, since they are both the same price during this sale anyway. Regularly $2.99)
  • World of Goo for Mac App Store ($1.99, regularly $9.99)


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