The Ultimate Collection: 2013-2016

Authors: .SlipKnoT._2_2, gg
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Release date: 05/26/2016 - 04:44
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The Ultimate Collection: 2013-2016 is my greatest level compilation. There are 20 selected levels from the release of my debut chapter Winter Wonderland to my tenth chapter World Of Tangram Part 1: Color Citadel. The levels are arrange according to their file size (except for Complicated Wheel). My personal favorite from my 10 chapters is SlipKnoT IX because it had me the biggest downloads I could ever have and It produced several hit levels (I am not lying. Some say that they have hit levels. They assumed it, not earned it). This chapter is another tribute to the late gg, who passed away on 2014.

Level Listing

Part 1
1. Digital Jail (The Red Mist)
2. Wheels of Misfortune (SlipKnoT IX)
3. Eeyore (Black and White)
4. The Good Old Snowy Days (Winter Wonderland)
5. Geargiarsenal (.5: The Gear Chapter)
6. One Way In, One Way Out (SlipKnoT IX)
7. Hand 4 Hand (Vol. 3:(Sandy World for Goo-660))
8. Go Long (SlipKnoT IX)
9. Crossing Path (Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation of the Ruined City)
10. Not Enough Room (.5: The Gear Chapter)
11. The Travel Agent (SlipKnoT IX)
12. Reaching (SlipKnoT IX)
13. Precautions and Danger (Epic Goo Tales Pt.1: The Salvation of the Ruined City)
14. Distribution Zone (SlipKnoT IX)
15. Winter Wonderland (Winter Wonderland)
16. Demolisher (SlipKnoT IX)
17. Peruvian Skies (SlipKnoT IX)
18. On The Backs of an Angel (SlipKnoT IX)
19. Disposing the Rotten Ones (SlipKnoT IX)
20. Weight Regulation (.5: The Gear Chapter)

.SlipKnoT._2_2- all levels
gg- all levels from .5: The Gear chapter and The Red Mist, some levels from the other 7 chapters excluding Winter Wonderland.

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