The Ferris Wheel

Ferris WheelAuthor: Kasumii999
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Latest version: 1.0
Release date: 04/22/2017 - 01:16
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Hello Goofans!

I finally have created a addin and I did pay hard work creating the wheel Laughing out loud
and creating the balls was fun to do, and creating the level itself!

So, any bugs?
Feel free to tell me in the comments, but please, please don't comment mad at me...

About Level:
dir: DwellyLauwa (it was originally planned to teach my sister the level editor)
name: The Ferris Wheel
ocd: 48 balls

There are 4 screenshots.

Ferris Wheel
Goo Balls to build up
Exlplode the wheel to get to the pipe using this bomb! xD
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1.0AllSat, 04/22/2017 - 01:16com.goofans.Kasumii.TheFerrisWheel.goomod403.48 KB455

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