Songbird Tower ♪

SongbirdAuthor: Kasumii999
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Latest version: 1.1
Release date: 06/08/2017 - 21:04
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Pink birds!

It was raining hard while I was making this.
Anyway, this is the 3rd before the last 2 towers, then the levelpack, then the chapter!

It has a feathery feel to it.

There's also a surprise when you finish the level. Wink

I challenge gooey goo to get 2 moves on this level. (or anyone who tries it, just tell me in the comments) Wink

Change log:
1.1 - Fixed the annoying falling bird so that it's much easier to finish the level. (but not for the 2 moves challenge, sorry Wink)

There are 4 screenshots.

KILLER WHEEL!!! (ouch)
explodable nest
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