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The World of Goo Level Editor Level

To shorten the name, you can also call this The Editor Level.

This level is sort of confusing. Its not the gooballs or the way to build to the pipe, its the background! Its the level editor, right before I made this level!

Vertical Transportation Committee
The machinery might be unstable. Be careful!

The gooballs were in a shaft in an ancient factory.
The air was filled with smoke and pollution.
Help them escape! Wink

OCD is simply ridiculous. 16 balls.
Can you figure out the secret?

Crazy "Head"
Crazy head up ahead!

Attention!: All levels what will be made by TailsFANAT, that levels will be from Al dokko (me). I have a new profile now.
Thanks early, for understanding!
My next level. I think it dosent have something intersting, but this is my first level with new character (I dont mean goo).
Try to get time OCD!
Goal: 16 balls.
OCD: 45 seconds.

Bog Of Goo
Level Screenshot

Hi! And now I'll show you... My new level! I made my own art and use in this level. Good luck and bye!

Virus Bridge

I'm not sure if anyone had figured out, but if you have a gooball that's sticky (like pokey and sticky bomb), then it will be able to stick to any type of geometry. By setting contacts to false on geometry, you can make gooballs attach to it (but only if they can get stuck.

Up in the Sky

Its a little adventure in the sky! Its kind of like the level "Flying Machine" but this one is longer and there are more obstacles. Keep alert for the things that could kill the gooballs and balloons!

The Big Adventure

This is my biggest (and hardest) level yet. It will take a long time to complete, but its a fun level! I can't tell you how long it took to make this level!

There are four large areas to explore. You start at the bottom left, then go up to the top left, then the top right, then the bottom right. Its a very hard level, but there is no OCD so you won't need to worry about that. You just have to get at least 4 gooballs to the pipe. Have fun!

Update 1.1

-Fixed zoom
-Added autobounds
-Added more clouds to the places where the backgrounds change

Get Out Of Here

My third level. Inspirated by Super Fuse Challenge Time. In this level you must take beauty to gearballbuster before the fire burning her.

Hopes and Dreams

In Chapter 5, i will now using shaders system, too make the level beautiful, and makes your eyes feel digitalic.

Anyways, nvittoa03 in...
Hopes and Dreams!

The Goo Balls are sleeping. And there is the
way to wake them up. And it's using beauty! But the door blocks beauty, so what do we do? Well, you have noticed, that the beside beauty, there are fire (fuse) goo balls who are not sleeping. After the door it's destroyed, the beauty will turn into small pieces, then wake up the goo balls.


First Release

(Nicholas Vitto Adrianto)


Tangram Bridges

"Tangram Bridges" is the first single level from my tenth chapter called Color Citadel which is a part of the chapter series World Of Tangram. This is my newest release after 4 long months. The goofans website experienced potential end. The problem was resolved because davidc hired Jim2102 as the newest moderator.


The level includes see-saw structures which will act as bridges. This level also features a new gooball called "Small Triangle 1." 10 balls is the level requirement.