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Beauty Strand
This Looks impossible.

This proves that you can put strands on Beauty/Uglys.

Generated pixel from dispenser

This is my first level on GooFans. It features a pixel dispenser that I originally wanted to use in momo1526's sandbox, so I made it myself! Laughing out loud

Goal: 30
OCD: 40 moves Tongue


Version 1.1

The OCD is now 37 moves. In my opinion, 40 was too easy.

Version 1.2

Added a pipe filter that allows only Pixel Products to get in. This is to prevent lag.
You're no longer able to build through the green platforms.

Over There
Over There pic 1

Hey what's over there?
Goal: 5 balls
OCD : 15 balls

This is my first uploaded level, my best so far I think.
This level is possible, though it could take a while Smile
Hope you enjoy!

Bridging The Canyon

This level takes a lot of elements from Ode To The Bridge Builder, but also mixes in Fuse Goo and fire. Also, the anchors are quite necessary to make building the bridge across the gap possible.

Balls required: 30
OCD requirement: 40 balls collected
Ball types: 1 (Fuse)
Fire: Yes
Water: No
Wind: No
Things that move: No

Get into the castle
Go down first

Hello everybody! This is my first level.Er...In fact, I've already made some levels.However, my friends said they aren't creative.So I've tried my best to make this level and improved it.I hope you'll like it.(I'm just a junior 1 student in China, and I'm poor at English.If I say anything wrong, I hope'll understand me.Thank you!)

Super Beauty Challenge Time2
Super Beauty Challenge Time2

Oh!Don't fall down!

Make The Ugly Escape From The Upper Shaft
Make The Ugly Escape From The Upper Shaft

This is my first UpperShaft level, the work is not good, please forgive me,please try my level.

Center Fire
Level screenshots

Fire is gravity center,fire is killer!

Hole in the wall

This is my first upload. But not my first level. I made this while I was experimenting with pistons. All you need to do is to get the block through the moving wall. If you can't you will die and need to retry. Note: The wall can be a little glitchy when it gets to the left side. Oh, and I passed this level so don't think that the hole is too small. Hint: you can pick up and move goo structures with the block as long as you are holding the block.

Bird Of PREY
Bird of prey!

This level represents a bird found in the WEATHERVANE folder(but wasn't used in the level).

It wasn't clear if the images are forgotten or just for custom level purposes.

This level was featured in The KnoT Fest.