Where to buy World of Goo

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Where to buy World of GooMegaVolt12/09/2008 - 10:31

I want this game ;) But I haven't decided where to buy it yet.

Options are:
Impulse. I love that service, it's far superior to Steam. It's comfortable and they support DRM-free games for a while now. I feel good leaving my money there. Problem is that it is Windows-only. Will I ever be able to use the Linux-Client if I bought the game on Impulse?

Retail box. Having a box is always nice, I'd like that. I suppose the Linux-Client will work with the retail boxes, right? I know StarDock offers to link a game not bought in their online store with Impulse anyway if a key is shipped with the box but without some key shipping with World of Goo (there is none, right? got that info somewhere on the forums) that isn't possible. Is there maybe any other way to link a box not bought on Impulse with Impulse?

Re: Where to buy World of GooBoudin12/09/2008 - 11:08

You've got a third option, right on this site, no DRM, Windows and Mac versions available, Linux one when it'll be done, no depedencies with plateforms like Steam or whatever, the simpliest way of distribution : a full working URL

Re: Where to buy World of GooMegaVolt12/12/2008 - 11:16

No auto-updates that Impulse offers and no box like a retail purchase.
Sorry to say it but this site is just not as attractive as the other possibilities ;)

So what about Impulse and the Linux client. Is there a way to get the Linux client after purchasing World of Goo on Impulse?