Titles for the music tracks

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Titles for the music tracksrspeer12/11/2008 - 03:09

Of course, there are lots of us who enjoy listening to the World of Goo music. It's even starting to show up in places like last.fm (http://www.last.fm/music/World+of+Goo). So isn't it about time to figure out what the tracks are actually named?

In the absence of an official soundtrack (or at least a list of definitive names from Kyle), there are a few places you can look for track names. There are, of course, the filenames, but those are unsatisfying. There are the names that get recorded on last.fm (these tend to reflect the tags that people personally put on their files. Most of them are just the filename again, but some aren't). There are the titles that people have used when they put various music from the game on YouTube, particularly the users named FireoftheNight and stripedlady. And sometimes, there are titles for the tracks on Kyle's old website (http://kylegabler.com/oldsite/contents/music/index.html). I'm going through these and making suggestions for what I think the titles should be.

I'm assuming that people putting the titles on YouTube are wildly extrapolating as much as I am. Probably more. I doubt there's an authoritative source of titles that I'm missing. So I don't give too much credit to those titles when they differ drastically from the filename, unless I think they're good titles.

This one doesn't leave much up to debate. "Always Destroy The Things I Love". I wonder what it's an excerpt from? Maybe one day we'll have the full version on an official soundtrack...

This one's called "Birth of Machine" on Kyle's site, where it has a computer voice talking over it. The name fits.

On YouTube, this is called "Choral". Lame. But just taking "Big Computer 2" from the filename is unsatisfying. So I'm going to pull a thematic name out of my butt and suggest "Tower of Goo Memorial Park".

bot_excerpt1.ogg and bot_excerpt1_rprs.ogg
We can find out from Kyle's site that this is called "Best of Times". In fact, I've replaced bot_excerpt1 in my World of Goo playlist with the truly awesome full version you can download from Kyle's site.

stripedlady calls it "Beauty Juice", which I think focuses too much on one part of the plot. FireoftheNight calls it "Conflict of Interest". Interesting, but I prefer "Best of Times".

The reprise is just part of it transposed up a step, but I include it in my playlist as "Best of Times Reprise".

The decision here is whether to include details about how the track is used, like "loop", in the title. I decided against it, so I call this one "Dikki Painguin". But here I'm disagreeing with last.fm where it is called "Dikki Painguin Loop" in full.

Calling this "As Retro as Goo Can Get" (from YouTube) is overdoing it.

FireoftheNight kind of mangles this one, calling it "Captain of Polka". "Kaptain Polka", with the K, is a kickass name and doesn't need anyone messing with it.

This is a part of Kyle's "Number 2", and again, go listen to the full version if you haven't. You get a faster section with an astrophysicist singing soprano!

So, although "The Red Carpet" is a fine name, for consistency I'd call this "Number 2". And again, in my playlist I replace it with the full version.

Well, this comes from Kyle's "Night of the Living Dead: Anthem". But that's describing its role in a different soundtrack. World of Goo has living dead but they hardly have a huge thematic role.

YouTubers have come up with "Factory" (stripedlady) and "Drive Slowly" (FireoftheNight). It seems every video game soundtrack has a track called "Factory". I don't know where "Drive Slowly" came from, but it's outside-the-box and I like it.

last.fm calls it "Anthem".

Okay, this one has a right answer and a wrong answer. This is "Ode to the Bridge Builder", evoking how the plot unfolds as a kind of dialogue between the Sign Painter explaining stuff and the Bridge Builder (that's you) doing stuff. I cannot imagine a less fitting name for it than "Impale Sticky", but that's what some people unfortunately call it.

5 out of 5 WoG fans agree*: "Overture 98" is a fine title for this track.

*subject to sampling error

"Rain Rain Windy Windy" is a fitting title. FireoftheNight calls it "The Eye of the Storm", which is cool but not cool enough.

Someone on last.fm has put commas in it, as "Rain, Rain, Windy, Windy". I don't mind except that it splits the track into even more pieces on the last.fm ranking.

People seem to just call this one "Reveille". What's the DNT stand for?


This gets called "Stratagoo" by FireoftheNight, which I'm pretty sure is just extrapolating from the "strat". This is from Kyle's "Strategem", so "Strategem" is what I call it.

There's "Carnival" and there's "Twisted Carnival" (FireoftheNight). Oh, and there's "Going Up" (stripedlady). Half this game is twisted, so no need for the redundancy. I go with "Carnival".

What does DWtD stand for? FireoftheNight came up with "Dance with the Devil". I don't know if there's anything behind that, but it's a fitting name.

I guess this is "Dance with the Devil 2". FireoftheNight calls it "Dance with the Devil... Again". Was that ellipsis really necessary?

I expanded this as "Island Morning", but I'm probably just making things up. FireoftheNight calls it "Insular" and I think the name fits.

The YouTube people call this "Wind through the Willows" or "Flying Machine". Meanwhile, Kyle Gabler calls it "Jelly". Kyle wins.

If there's anything to call "Main Theme", this is it.

FireoftheNight calls it "Choose Your Goo". Not every title has to have "goo" in it.

The straightforward name is "Mini Ode to the Bridge Builder". FireoftheNight goes with a different name and calls it "Heart of Goo", but that kind of obscures the fact that it really is just OttBB but faster.

Everyone seems to agree on calling this "Thread Cutter".

This is "Ending Theme". YouTube agrees.

What to call this? This is another variant of the "Ending Theme". I don't know a good name that would distinguish it from the "Ending Theme" or the "Main Theme", but I'm just calling it the "World of Goo Theme" for now. last.fm sticks with "World of Goo Theme (loop)".

"Years of Work" is a great name. "Information Super Highway", not so much. This is also a beautiful track.

Re: Titles for the music tracksJ12/11/2008 - 12:32

Yeah the music's wonderful...but where're the full songs? The ones in the game music folder seem to be cut to fit the purpose of looping background music...the full pieces must sound fantastic.