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To the goocreatorsBoudin04/21/2008 - 18:42

I know it's a totaly useless topic but I wnated to say it.

I didn't knew World of goo nor Tower of goo before, I just saw a news on the web talking about the trailer and just this make me the urge feel to discover this game.

So I check for a demo and saw that I had to buy World of goo to test it. Strangely I'm not the kind of man to buy a game he don't even know the gameplay nor the kind to buy a game without a CD a DVD, or whatever. But just the game design made me buy it!

This is the kind of surprise I don't get often, I like it all, the graphics, the music, the ideas, the gameplay, the mysterious painter's signs. I've just finished the preview and I've rarely seen games with that overall quality.

I don't regret to have blindly bought World of goo and will just wait for the release now :)

Many thanks for your very good work and your very good ideas !

(sorry if there's some mistakes, I'm not used to write in English)

Re: To the goocreatorsDil99904/21/2008 - 19:06

I did the same thing.  I stumbled upon the game after hearing about it from an outside source, and decided to buy it, and loved it.  It was totally worth it :D

Re: To the goocreatorsBallisticsfood04/22/2008 - 11:26

Much the same as you two guys, except I'd played Tower of goo before finding World of goo. I was googling for Tower of goo, after a weird urge to play the game, and one of the results was World of Goo. My interest was immediately grabbed by the proverbial vegetables and pinned to the world of goo site for many weeks before the Preorder option appeared. When it did, I bought the game, then spent another few months waiting for the beta. I signed up to the beta, then the forum when it appeared, which brings us (quite neatly) to now.

I think, overall, that this is a game that very few people would regret 'snap buying' on an impulse. It's just so... so goo-d!

PS: I apologise for the cliche.

Re: To the goocreatorsLK4O404/29/2008 - 00:03

Actually, I first heard about Kyle Gabler from a talk on GDC Radio, "How to Prototype a Game in Seven Days" (which is actually from a long time ago), and so I checked out the Experimental Gameplay Project and him and this 2DBoy thing all from that podcast (found here: When I heard he was striking out on his own to make a game, I knew I had to have it, and pre-ordered (and the demo/preview is awesome)!

So yeah, much love to Kyle Gabler and all your gooey friends!

Re: To the goocreatorsChris Evans04/29/2008 - 04:15

I'm pretty sure I played Tower of Goo all those years ago. But I found World of Goo in a combination of sources, I think PC Gamer UK or Rock, Paper, Shotgun originally mentioned it, and from there I took a greater interest in it because of my blog.

Re: To the goocreatorsrednay05/08/2008 - 05:32

I found the introduction of the game on
i havent bought the preview. ill just wait for the wii release.