Andy @ 53.6m

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Andy @ 53.6mtair00101/04/2009 - 09:47

I don't like to do this, as he seems to have gotten past the cheat detectors, but I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one unless we see a picture...

Kamal, 3 towers in the top 5? Stick with your best and give us a chance mate  ;)

Re: Andy @ 53.6mKamal01/04/2009 - 10:17

I agree with you, 53m using 251 Goo Balls is very hard to believe

check out my real 50m ;-)

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Re: Andy @ 53.6mBioran2301/06/2009 - 03:11

And look at "yaya". 41 balls and has the second highest tower? That's like, impossible.