Creative a remix soundtrack

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Creative a remix soundtrackSaturn288801/13/2009 - 01:53

Since I can't find it on here, I was wondering if there is anyone or any few people would would not mind working with me on a World of Goo music remix project. It would be neat to make something like the Cave Story remix project.

It would be best to find someone who can compose/arrange music. I've got a ton of MIDI samples and actual instruments if needed, but the main thing here is voice. Wouldn't it be neat if someone wrote lyrics to the music of World of Goo? It'd probably be best to start out with one track and see how it goes from there.

Anyone interested, I made a demo file you can listen to if you want to see if you even think I'm good enough for something like this. I mean, that's one voice at least. Up to you guys. I'm putting out the idea of the remix project out there. The whole voice idea I'd really like to take part in, but whatever. I mean, if people say my singing sucks, I'd rather not force people to hear it, lol.

Re: Creative a remix soundtrackSaturn288801/20/2009 - 22:10

Well now that there's sheet music, this seems far more do-able. Too bad seems no one's up for it though :'(.