Gifting WoG on Wiiware

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Gifting WoG on Wiiwarexbm01/14/2009 - 19:50

So I want to get my room mate this game for her birthday next month. She has a Wii and I don't.

I was wondering if any of you guys who are familiar with the Wii knew if it was possible for me to buy this game for her from my PC somehow. I've been looking for the past hour and can't find any information on the topic.

If it comes to it, I could always sneak on her Wii and purchase it that way, but I'm not at all familiar with how the Wiiware system works. Such as... could I just pay with a debut card or would I have to purchase points or some such nonsense?

Anyway, thanks for any help!

Re: Gifting WoG on WiiwareDEFE01/14/2009 - 23:50

Unfortunately, purchasing it from your computer would be impossible. However, if you get some time where you could use her Wii, it isn't too hard. First, go onto the shop channel. It should be easy to find. Next, hit start shopping. You should see the option to buy Wii points. Buy 2000, which is $20. You'll need a Visa or Mastercard to buy the Wii points. Then find World of Goo in the Wiiware section and purchase it. There will be 500 points left over from the original 2000, but there's no way to just buy 1500. She can use those to buy whatever she wants.

You should be able to purchase it easily enough with those steps. If you get confused, I'm sure you could find an online tutorial or just come to me for more help.