Bug - Alt+Enter vs Alt+Tab

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Bug - Alt+Enter vs Alt+Tabtair00106/20/2008 - 08:42

I haven't checked the other threads, so someone might have already noticed this - if so, many apologies!

We all know that using Alt+Tab completely screws up the game when you try and Alt+Tab back into it, but I just found that if you have accidentally Alt+Tabbed out and don't want to lose the game in progress, Alt+Tab back into the game (you should get a black screen) and THEN press Alt+Enter to go into windowed mode. The game should appear as normal allowing you to Alt+Enter back into fullscreen mode.

Re: Bug - Alt+Enter vs Alt+TabMarius06/21/2008 - 09:03

When I alt-tab back into the game, the black screen you mention flickers for a bit, and then the game exits, so there's no set point where I can do alt-enter, but it turns out if I just click it a lot of times, it works as well :P

Nice find, and useful, for the time being!