Wold of Goo submitted to the Linux Game Tome

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Wold of Goo submitted to the Linux Game Tomedraeath02/14/2009 - 23:26


I thought you would want to know... I threw your name in the hat, and the site's editor(s) posted it.

Re: Wold of Goo submitted to the Linux Game Tomesabby789002/15/2009 - 19:04

15 minutes ago I saw a message on linuxnews.pl, then I went to the website, downloaded the demo, saw it worked flawlessly, bought the game, after 10 seconds got the download link, downloaded the rpm, saw the full game works flawlessly and right now I am writing this post to tell you guys that this game rocks. And the price is VERY good compared to the game's quality.

I've had pirate version (didn't want to buy because I am not sure if it will work under WINE), but if there's a Linux version available, I'm in. Never had better experience with Linux games! Simply click on rpm and voila, it works!