Thanks and Question

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Thanks and QuestionLeaMarianna02/22/2009 - 07:56

First, thanks for this Game without DRM and available on Linux and Mac, too. I hope that we'll prove you that DRM is not necessary for you to be successfull ;).

Second, I have a little question : I have a Windows and a Ubuntu on my PC, is it "legal" to install Goo on my two distributions with the same licence? In fact, I can play only on one OS at a time :P so... I wish it'll be ok ^^
As you are honnest with us, with a good game, no DRM, a lot of OS available and a correct price I ask it in order to do what it's ok for you ^^.

I hope you'll do a lot of good games like this in the future ^^

P.S : I'm not native english, so I apologize for any orthographic or grammatical errors..