Randy Pausch Last Lecture

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Randy Pausch Last Lecturespliter02/24/2009 - 13:20

Uh... okay...
I've just seen this:
well... just watch it. Some of you that have seen Kyle's old site with music, might notice something important...

Re: Randy Pausch Last Lecturekyle02/24/2009 - 18:19

What a unique guy. About the video he shows - it's something I made in his class with some friends, including Kyle Gray, the guy who created Henry Hatsworth for DS which is coming out really soon I think.

Re: Randy Pausch Last Lecturespliter02/25/2009 - 17:51

I wish I could have met him...
I didn't meet many inspiring people, that would point me in the right direction. But thank god I have a wonderful family...
It's strange to hear from a person such inspiring words, during the speech discover that he was a mentor of someone you idolize, and on the end discover that he has already died....

Re: Randy Pausch Last LectureWetterdew03/04/2009 - 16:28

It's nice to see those videos and where the music came from.  I know that that song from Hello.World wasn't used in World of Goo, but it is on Kyle's website.

Re: Randy Pausch Last LectureGermanSeabass03/18/2009 - 05:20

I'm probably preaching to the choir, but I'm one many who were touched by seeing the Last Lecture. It's probably one of the reasons I'm as active in music as I am now. It must have been a real treat to be in that class. (And the overly happy music from hello.world just fits -- loved that ending.)