Liked the game until impale sticky - HELP!

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Liked the game until impale sticky - HELP!domtrump02/27/2009 - 00:21

OK, I just bought WOG and I thought it was really clever and fun... until Impale Sticky. I'm an old dude [38] who doesn't play a lot of games. Even though though there are NO instructions included in the game, I was able to clear the first three levels. When I got to level 4 (Impale Sticky), I had a hard time building the bridge, but I finally got to the pipe and the game said "Made It." I was happy until I realized that I was stuck in a standstill... nothing was happening. There was no "Continue" icon as in previous levels. I guess I just don't understand the objective of the game. As I play each level, it always says 0 of XX collected. What am I supposed to "collect?" I made it to the pipe on Impale Sticky, but I still can't advance... what am I supposed to do? I don't want cheat codes or anything, but I just want to know the objective of the game/level so that I can figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can someone point me to a detailed guide that shows instructions/objectives of the game? I'm just flying blind and about to give up on this thing. My niece & nephew can play video games without instructions, but I simply can't. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Re: Liked the game until impale sticky - HELP!MattOG02/27/2009 - 00:54

WoG works on two different levels at it's most basic.
I'm trying to give you a 'nudge' without giving too much info.

1. Collect a required amount of goo balls.
Basically, 0 of 10 means you have collected 0, and need 10 to progress.
(on a side note, there is no requirement on some of the end levels, just go up!)

2. Go for the OCD!
Clicking the menu button on each level will give you and 'OCD' requirement. If you can beat this (sometimes it's amount of balls, sometimes it's least moves, sometimes it's timed), you will get an 'OCD' flag for that level.

This means you can simply play the game to progress, getting the minimum amount of balls needed, or you can go for the flags once you get a bit better at the game, and learn a few of the tricks.

On another level, there are people who are working towards collecting the most balls possible, and doing the level in the least moves possible, forgetting the level objective and pretty much playing it by wing for each level, breaking initial structures, 'bouncing' goo balls into others to achieve the most balls etc.

It should be noted, that each 'extra' goo you manage to save, (i.e. the level requires 10, and you get 11, that's 1 extra), will come back to play with you later. (Vague to avoid possible spoilers).

Hope this helps.

Re: Liked the game until impale sticky - HELP!DEFE02/27/2009 - 03:06

I'll try to give a bit more condensed answer. The 0 out of XX you referred to means how many balls of goo you collected. That means that you can't use all of them for building. You must save enough to complete the level requirement. When you reached the pipe in Impale Sticky, I assume you used too many balls. Just try to perfect your style until you can meet the quota, which is 26 in the case of Impale Sticky. I know Impale sticky is a bit of a jump from the first few levels. You'll just have to try a few more times until you get it.

Re: Liked the game until impale sticky - HELP!Wetterdew02/27/2009 - 19:48

You might want to do the first few levels again just to see how you get through a level.

You should use some goo balls to build a structure to get to the pipe.  The rest of them will climb all over your structure and into the pipe.  But when they're a part of your structure, they can't glide into the pipe!  Try the first levels again to see how it works and then try Impale Sticky.