PC version better?

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PC version better?toothpaste3603/28/2009 - 19:02

I don't personally have the WOG PC version, so i dont know what its like. But i think that there are many limitations to the wiiware one. A big one is that you cant use Goo Tool on it. :(
I dont know... :-[
Could the 2D boys make it so that if you have the internet channel on your wii, you can use the gootool on the wiiware version?

Re: PC version better?vonboy03/28/2009 - 23:23

i don't think it would be possible. the internet channel can't download stuff, and even if it was possible, it would be more trouble than it's worth.

i think your best bet is to pray world of goo 2 (if it is ever made) has some kind of level editor included in the wiiware version. please remember gootool wasn't available when the pc version first came out, and it's just a mod made by the community (with a tad bit of help from 2dboy i think).

as for which version is better, it really depends. the wiiware version is 5 bucks cheaper, has co-op, and more accurate controls (only imho lol). the pc version cost 5 bucks more, has online leaderboards, and a tool to make your own levels with (though it's still kinda buggy and hard to use from what i hear.) i have the wiiware version as well, and i'm happy with it. i would only get the pc version if i could find it somewhere for like 5 bucks.