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Message for Authors...ManfromStars04/07/2009 - 16:00

Greetings boys!
Today i finaly complete playing of your game.
And must something write here for you and all that maybe interest to read it too.
Well first time i read about you game and try demo.
At first time i´m been enjoyment from beatiful music, that is too much alike to Danny Elfmans music.

I finished demo and read some more discus about game and pirating and pricing.
Price for that piece game that i see and try in demo for making a big picture about game i´m thinked so it is for my country much high. But that been my fault.
I hate pirates, that stealing and with stealing game post their game scores online to show how they are good. But with that i not say so i never play pirated games.
I am real old school hardcore gamer that time some time after his gaming top horizont.
On my count is more than two thousand games - that i play, test, finished, tried/looked.

After complete finishing of full game that i receive from company for wich i working for support, i can see my next fault. I play many games, many braks. But this game is realy amazing fun and with beatifull dark sad atmosphere that make beatifull music. I only hate that old like 8-bit music. And try to build bigest goo structure is not that much plesurable for long time listening that music and that green colur is too agrrr. :)
But when this game play i have many back vaguely and vanishing questions and things.
But one is brightly: "This game is one of for while perfect amusements in these years.
In some ways better than go to cinema.

I thank you for this good game.
It´s pleasure to play it.


PS: Please forgive me for my terryble english.