whats beyond mum?

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whats beyond mum?MarioThePenguin05/18/2009 - 13:59

you know the level where you have to get all those pop ups stacked up to reach mum? well i was just wondering, is there anything after mum? You can keep climbing long after you've got up to her level, and im wondering if theres something higher than her...

any help

Re: whats beyond mum?Stickybomb6705/18/2009 - 14:34

It's a sign that says, 'Hi MOM.'.

Re: whats beyond mum?olala05/26/2009 - 13:26

Hello guys,

BTW, can you tell me how to finish this level "Mom's Computer".

I stacked up to Mom and asked her many question, and it seemed endless.

Thank you

Re: whats beyond mum?Stickybomb6705/26/2009 - 14:50

Third option every time. The first two are just back story.

Re: whats beyond mum?Soultaker05/26/2009 - 15:55

Also, as long you don't clear your cookies, the dialogue should be finite. ;)

Re: whats beyond mum?jmleleven05/26/2009 - 16:04

mmmmm..... cookies...  :P

Re: whats beyond mum?Stickybomb6705/26/2009 - 19:19

With whipped soy product and complete 8-Bit streaming of your current location!
MOM knows best.

Re: whats beyond mum?jmleleven05/29/2009 - 15:18

I like chocolate bits and information cookies.... yum...