Thanks 2dboy

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Thanks 2dboycpconley05/21/2009 - 00:27


I just have to say, THANK YOU! The linux community is such a diverse group of individuals, and in my opinion, some of the most interesting. Linux has gone far too long without a proper game to showcase. I am currently running World of Goo on an Asus EEE PC 904HA, completely underpowered hardware, and it runs far better than I had expected. I am also using Linux Mint as my OS. Thanks for porting such an amazing game to Linux. Keep up the good work and PLEASE continue to develop games for Linux.

Re: Thanks 2dboyleapy05/21/2009 - 06:15


I agree with the sentiment above. I have WOG working very happily on a basic Eeepc 701 v1 netbook. It is running a vanilla CrunchEee OS and the linux version of WOG.