what are they saying!??!

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what are they saying!??!Nic Freed09/28/2008 - 19:07

tigjam looks awsome, but i have to ask, how do you know what eachother are saying? it all sounds like a blur to me :). do indie game developers have a special ability i dont know about??????

Re: what are they saying!??!Chris Evans09/30/2008 - 13:19

Indie devs speak the language of the Goo Balls, well maybe not all indie devs, but I am sure that Kyle and Ron do.

Re: what are they saying!??!Nic Freed10/01/2008 - 12:58

oh yeah, i never really considered the idea of another language... come to think of it, i never really understeand what the gooballs are saying when i pick them up... hey, wait a second! who does the voice work of the goo balls anyway!?!?!