Introduce yourself!

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Introduce yourself!Nic Freed09/21/2009 - 19:59

Hey there, its Nic, the forum monkey!

I figured the forums have been around long enough for us to get one of these thingys stickied for 2 reasons:

First, this will stop the introduction threads from getting to annoying

And 2nd, every cool forum needs one of these!

So lets answer some random questions!

Name (Real life optional/Forum)

Where did you find world of goo?

Any pets? (If so, proceed to capture their images in a picture-box and upload them to teh interwebz)

Favorite Meme?

Random fact!

Here shall be mine, I recommend all members, including existing ones to post here, even if you are the fifth coolest person in the forum, like me :D

Commence answering!

1. Username: Nic Freed

   Bet you cant guess what my real life name is :P

2. Been playing with goo since the original "Tower of goo" game on "Experimental gameplay"!

3. 2 Dogs and 2 Cats!

4. Click here do find out:

5. Almost fluent in Japanese, while at the same time only 14 years old :D

Have fun everyone, sorry about putting a space after every sentence, just trying to make it look neat  ;)

- Nic, Attorney at law (Not really)

Re: Introduce yourself!Nic Freed09/29/2009 - 19:42

*cough* bump *cough*