Beta 2a just started working!

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Beta 2a just started working!themacmeister10/06/2008 - 03:17

In what I can only describe as a weird reverse time-bomb, my copy of WoG Beta 2a has suddenly started working flawlessly - 2 days before the full release!

This is made all the more stranger by the fact that all WoG betas were especially flakey on this system before. The only thing different on the system is:

No SATA PCI card or HDD now
No External USB 2.0 HDD (500GB WD MyBook)

I can only come to the conclusion that one of these items was causing the instability of the beta(s), most likely the cheap SATA card (or the SATA HDD locked at 1.5GB/s for compatibility).

ooooooh boy, I am so looking forward to release (and profanity pack!)