we has connect?

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we has connect?keybounce11/14/2009 - 20:20

Tonight it isn't telling me "cannot connect", it's telling me that the clouds are other players.

Do we have the central leader boards again?

Do we have giant towers in the sky to aim for?

Maybe it's just some strange confusion.

Maybe the goofans have taken over the asylum

I'll just build upwards

The contractor sign painter

Re: we has connect?keybounce11/14/2009 - 20:23


I removed my goofans online ID, and then it's back to "Unable to connect".

Putting in a new goofans ID, and it's telling me that the clouds are other players again.

False alarm.

Re: we has connect?keybounce12/09/2009 - 12:13

Definitely connecting now (last night, anyways).

Hmm... I thought my "online ID" was from the player site, not the 2d boy site. Yet it worked. Hmm.