Freeing the WoG purchase&download system

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Freeing the WoG purchase&download systemNicosmos12/04/2009 - 11:48

Hi everyone ;)

Here's a request for 2D Boy about freeing the system they've made for automatically create a personal page for the player just after purchasing via Paypal and send it to him/her by e-mail. With the ability to offer several versions of the product on the page (versions for each platform in the case of WoG), to generate a download link when the user choose a version, and to use it as gift for someone. The "Official World of Goo Corporation Download Centre".

This system is just brilliant. Every time I buy others indie game, they never use something which reach this level. It's always some links sent by e-mail, that you can lost easily, without a neat webpage, a gift system, or real choice for different versions. And it's a bit pity because there is something which already exists and is perfect to do all that: the 2D Boy's system. But others indie devs can't use it because it's not a free software. Some games (Braid for instance) aren't even sold on their own websites, but only on third party stores, probably because they don't have a system like that.

That's why I think this would be great to free, to liberate, to open, [enter some others synonyms here] this system to make it available and usable for every indie games project. And, in fact, to every person who want to sell their digital creations on their site (small software developers, musical artists...). This would be very useful, and it will help a lot of projects.

What do you think about that? :)
Thanks! :D

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Re: Freeing the WoG purchase&download systemkeybounce12/09/2009 - 12:23

I like it.

(And, I'm kicking myself for not buying several spare copies during the sale for gift giving this season.)