OCD for opening world screen

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OCD for opening world screenkeybounce12/12/2009 - 23:52

I have a suggestion for the OCD for the opening world.

Get the goo flying in two orbital rings, in opposite directions.

For example: Outer ring flying counter clockwise, inner ring flying clockwise.

The outer ring isn't a real problem, but the inner ring -- too weak and the goo will hit the world; too strong of a toss and the goo hits goo.

Getting all of the goo in two orbits: OCD.

(Guess what I spent this afternoon doing :-)

Re: OCD for opening world screenGMMan12/13/2009 - 11:11

There actually isn't an entry in the user profile for the main menu. Incorporating this feature would take quite a bit of code rewrite, as there need to be code for checking the paths of each goo ball. It's not very practical, and might not come out until 2D Boy find more bugs with World of Goo.

Re: OCD for opening world screenkeybounce12/13/2009 - 12:50

The point is, it's a challenge.

Do you have enough control over launching the balls that your inner orbit is neither too weak nor too strong? Does not cross like Neptune/Pluto?

Would the OOCD be three layers of orbits?

Re: OCD for opening world screenseanl02/14/2010 - 12:58

Um... ...I guess not.