Whats Kyle's and Ron's Zodiac signs??

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Whats Kyle's and Ron's Zodiac signs??the_illusionist01/02/2010 - 03:35

I know its too off topic but i really [=12pt]wanted to know the zodiac signs of Kyle & Ron[/]..

[=11pt]Other Indie game developer's Zodiac sign (according to my research)

CACTUS[clean asia] is a LIBRA
PETRI PURHO[crayon physics] is a CAPRICORN
EDMUND McMILLEN[super meat boy] is PISCES
MATT THORSON[jumper,an untitled story] is PISCES
DANIEL COOK[not an indie but runs an awesome site-lostgarden.com] is a CAPRICORN

I'm doing it jus for fun....jus trying to find a common pattern beween these awesome indie-game developers...
I hope Kyle and Ron respond to this....coz i'm curious to know their zodiac signs...[/]