Someone designed a WoG USB Pen Drive - I'd have one.

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Someone designed a WoG USB Pen Drive - I'd have one.stanto01/05/2010 - 14:30

This is a USB drive for the game "World of Goo" by developer 2Dboy.

The concept of this one was made on christmas of last year. I was playing the game, and found it so incredibly nice that I decided to make something for it. Short after a first mock-up I contacted the developer of the game to ask if they were interested, and wham, they were! :D

After some back and forward communication with them, and finalizing the prototype, I failed~ I didn't contact them anymore. Nerves? Not sure about the design anymore? I really don't have a clue :( At that point I just choked.

Anyway, the item is not for sale and will not be distributed in the future.

Booooooo. Sad that the person choked. :( It looks so gooooood =D


Sorry if this's already been posted, but when I searched for 'usb pen drive' I didn't find anything remotely like this, only references to o'pen'gl errors.

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Re: Someone designed a WoG USB Pen Drive - I'd have one.!01/05/2010 - 15:57

This is awesome. I'd want one, too, if it wasn't such a choking hazard.

Yeah, I'm kidding. I know what he meant.