Steam or Games for Windows LIVE - which way is 2D Boy going

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Steam or Games for Windows LIVE - which way is 2D Boy goingYachmenev01/24/2010 - 05:13

I bought World of Goo during the Steam holiday sale of 2008, and I can safely say that it one the best games that I have ever bought. I liked the game itself, and I also liked how well integrated it was in Steam. It was one the first non-Valve games I at the time had bought that had Steam Achievements.

A couple of days ago, I also saw that the game was available as a Games for Windows LIVE game. That is great for those who like that service, and even though I personally dispise it cause I think that it only serves to divide the PC gaming audience in to two camps, the consumer should have the right to choose.

However, a growing cause of concern is that many Steam titles, so far only multiformat titles, are even in Steam shipped with Games for Windows LIVE.

That means:
*Two client programs are needed to run the game.
*You get two overlays.
*You get two separate friends list.
*You get two separate achievements list.

That really isn´t good for anyone, so my question is - is this something that could happen to future 2D Boy games, or can I count on your games being available on Steam without any forced inclusion of Games for Windows LIVE?

Re: Steam or Games for Windows LIVE - which way is 2D Boy goingGMMan01/25/2010 - 15:50

I think they're just trying to spread. IMHO, I wouldn't use either because of the DRM. The 2D Boy version has no DRM whatsoever, which is nice.