i cried because...

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i cried because...Nic Freed10/08/2008 - 05:21

my parents are divorced, and my dad wont let me download world of goo on his computer, and guess what? this was my dad week! at least its over tommorow :)

Re: i cried because...NotWorthy10/08/2008 - 15:43

wowsa - what an over-personal note on ur part - quite visible everybody felt too akward to reply.

Well sucks but thats life for yah - random and unfair - if it would make u feel any better id say sucky childhoods is what makes ppl into supirior human beings - the ppl that begin happy lives and maintain happy lives mean nothing to history - they party, they score, they drink and have lotsa friends and loving parents - but so what - then they get crappy jobs they hate and learn to accept that the rest of their lives will be spent in a dead-end-job raising kids and learing to take it out on their spauses.

Crappy begings make up creative, sensetive and inteligent ppl that are capable of so much more than the happy lemmings u might sometimes envy:
take this guy - u can see the wonderful mind behind this creation - but u can also see what a complex nature of that minds creation:

Re: i cried because...Angelbound10/23/2008 - 23:59

No human being is superior to one another that is an illusion, it sounds to me you have no idea what you are talking about, the people who have bad jobes and etc, is usually because they chose that kind of life people bring things on themselves, rather its through karma or not and rather you believe in karma or not almost anyone in there late 20s or 30s will tell you that things come back at you until you learn the lesson.

You dont know the people who have loving parents and you cannot predict there future, you sound quite arrogant and jelous of those kind of lives, I understand if you have had a hard past but that is not going to make that person feel superior everyone is differant.

Please keep your anology to yourself what you express was an opinion not a fact.

I will say bad things happen but we do not let it change our lives in a bad way, we acknowledge it, learn what we can from it and turn it around into something better.

Re: i cried because...Alux10/24/2008 - 00:22

Ever since my birthday, the chickens flew. Did you know that?

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