Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!

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Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!SoulMyst.Me10/08/2008 - 12:06

Wow! this game is so damn freaky awesome good it brings tears to my
nearsighted eyes....

Everything from concept, art, programming, music and of coarse the sick twisted
humour (which I love to death) is just amazing.

Well done, hope it will be a major success for you guys with tons of sales

Long live indie games!

Now excuse me, I need to go play with my balls..errr....!

P.S Please do what Mercuie suggested and make a full length soundtrack, slap a price
on it and give me a chance to support you guys once more, pretty please

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Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!The Happy Friar10/08/2008 - 13:05

I agree, great game.  Worth $20 easy.  :)

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!Sigurd10/08/2008 - 19:34

I think this is the first time I have actually bother to register somewhere just to tell the developers that their game is great.

I expected the game to be good, but it was just out-of-this-world awesome! I simpley can't belive that you perfected the game to such a degree.

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!Jimlad10/08/2008 - 21:50

Going to echo the sentiments here, what an amazing game. The day's gone, and I wasn't even aware of it. I was so absorbed I didn't notice. I'm not sure what was best - the unique feel of the controls maybe, or the clever puzzles that are genuinely satisfying to complete, the carefully crafted atmosphere... or just the sheer simplicity of it all. I haven't played a game that felt this well made in years. The music in particular was well done. I haven't been aware of just how much music can contribute to a game's atmosphere until now. Bravo, 2D Boy.

The only gripes I had were issues with the controls. I think there were only three things I might improve about the game:
- A zoom function is badly missed. It would make life so much easier, at least when building the corporation tower.
- There needs to be some way to select goo that's already been placed, since other goo balls cover it up. This makes things incredibly frustrating at times. I think this was the only point where I wasn't enjoying myself.
- The restart button shouldn't go away when the objective has been met. If I'm going for the OCD challenges especially, this would make things much smoother. It doesn't save all that much time, but it feels like an age when you have to go through the completion screen/map/level intro over and over.

I recognise that you guys were going for the whole minimal controls needed, one-button interface thing, which is totally commendable. From my personal viewpoint though, my experience would be that much better with just a couple of tweaks!

Just as a side note, I played through the whole game in 1280x800 and it worked perfectly! The one problem this caused was with the completion pull-cord being too low, which is really minor, but made the game unplayable at my screen's native resolution (1680x1050).

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!Macatttack10/08/2008 - 23:39

Best game ever!!!  ;D
I hope when Grant Kot and I finish our game, Liquidized It'll be this awesome.  ;)

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!dazman7610/09/2008 - 05:38

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to join in the congrats and thanks :) I didn't actually play the Trial much due to time constraints, but downloaded the full version yesterday and played the first 6 or so levels. Absolutely awesome :D Pure genius from top to bottom, and so much fun to play. Great art style and design in general, and I'm really looking forward to playing more - and building my Corporation tower!

Massive congrats and thanks guys, what a great game you've created :) I hope you have all the success that you obviously deserve.

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!Damon F10/10/2008 - 06:04

Gotta just ditto and echo the sentiments above.

Many thanks Ron and Kyle for giving us something original in every department - You don't get games come along like WOG every day, or, sadly even every year!

Congratulations!  ;D

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!saraswati10/10/2008 - 17:00

I bought it yesterday and got obsessed.. every time someone talked to me I was "finishing.. a..level.. in world..of Goo".. :D

Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!Vark10/12/2008 - 12:47

I can only echo the comments of the other posters. It's a complete gooey Gem of a game; one artistically polished to an almost painful sparkleyness gooeyness.

If this was a full price game... Um, then I'd probably be rather disappointed (maybe even annoyed) that it's so short. (Although the crashes and save problems helped me stretch it out a bit; nice plan, guys. ;))

But I'd still not have any regrets about having bought it, because it's so packed with creativity and invention and fun.

It is also so professionally realised and implemented that it's almost sickening; you guys have so many talents that it would make me sound like a '2D fanboy' just to list them objectively. So I won't.  :-X

Instead I'll just wish you all the very best success, you deserve it. I hope tomorrow goes well for you guys.

There's still loads of life left in WoG for me; but I'm already intreagued about what you'll come up with next..

Laminar salutations to 2D Boy,


Re: Congrats Ron & Kyle, Fantastic Game!!!robinh10/13/2008 - 01:02

I have to say, this game is the best game so far this year, I simply just love it.
I`m actually thinking of paying for the game a lot more times so I can give it to friends for christmas. Easy christmas present without the need to wrap em, woho. Or maybe I should gift wrap em in .rar, just so it would look good... ;) 

I`m waiting for the linux version, but wine works fine. And would be cool with a complete soundtrack, would deffinantly buy it.