Warioware D.I.Y Friend codes

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Warioware D.I.Y Friend codesgooflamer04/11/2010 - 16:49

Post your warioware D.I.Y friend codes here! All you need is a ds, a 2dboy fourm account, a copy of Warioware D.I.Y, and internet connection for your game!. When you post yours, I will add you to my friend list! My code is...
4254-6022-3688! (PS:I hope ron will post his friend code here.) See ya!

Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codesNess_from_GI04/12/2010 - 10:50

    I have been thinking about getting a copy of "Warioware D.I.Y.". I'll post my friend code when I get the game :).

Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codes!04/12/2010 - 16:23

NIIIICE. I'll edit this post as soon as I find my friend code.

EDIT: 2708-4221-7623

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Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codesZappypantz04/18/2010 - 18:01

The game is out now? Wow.

Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codesstamosXD06/04/2010 - 18:09

my fc is 2622 6271 9650
added everybody here!

Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codesstamosXD06/05/2010 - 14:44

u find your fc when u are at the friends settings page,the place where u also add friends.

Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codesSeiren08/20/2010 - 20:49

My code is
3868 2926 4620

I added everyone.

Re: Warioware D.I.Y Friend codespicos78910/31/2010 - 18:06

hey,  this is Sanji

add me 2D BOY  ;D

mi FC is : 4254 9670 7811

user name: Sanji

i love world of goo!!!