Where can I find the WoG Icon?

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Where can I find the WoG Icon?mrfredman10/09/2008 - 14:18

I really want to find the .ico, or whatever you image you guys used for the desktop shortcut because its beautiful. I've searched through all the game files and have been unable to find it, and when I look in the properties of the shortcut my computer can't find it's location. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Re: Where can I find the WoG Icon?Nicosmos08/30/2009 - 11:33

Hi,  :)
I don't know if the icon is directly accessible on Windows (probably packed in the executable), but you can find the icon (in different sizes) in the archive "wog-linux-icons.zip" that I has hosted here : http://www.nicosmos.net/vrac/wog/ ;)