Migration Authorization Station

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Migration Authorization Station!10/10/2010 - 19:39

Re: Migration Authorization Stationgooflamer10/11/2010 - 17:10

Good idea !. But I hope that the spammers leave soon. The things that are happing now remind me of the dark days of flipnote hatena that are still hapening now. Flipnote hatena is being overran by False Reporters(People who false report good flipnotes out of jelocy), Stealers(People who copy unlocked flipnotes without changeing them without giveing cretit), Star beggers(People who do things like"If you hate school add stars" or "If you hate/love JB add stars( I hardly know anything about JB), or "add 10 stars to adopt", and many more), and many more. And if there is any of these people who do this on this forum, stop doing it! Sorry for draging you into my flipnote story, !. Well, I hope that the forum will cool down soon and we can get back to our old status! I will stay here of this dieing forum so that I can tell you on goo fans if this forum is back in shape again. My Goofan account is Gooflamer(no surprise there). I use to have an acount named Gooflamer2, but I forgot the password to it. Well, This is Gooflamer signing out.