ilomilo — a World of Goo cameo

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ilomilo — a World of Goo cameofleet12/04/2010 - 05:00

I recently discovered the Xbox Live Arcade game Ilomilo through an article on Kotaku ( I was surprised to find that goo balls and towers make a  cameo appearance in one of the bonus levels in the first chapter. Very cool 2D Boy; it made me smile. It would fun to see goo make an appearance in other games. Maybe as a character in an RPG, an oil slick in a kart racing game, or as your very own pet goo ball in Kinectimals :P.

If you haven't tried the game out it is worth giving it a try. You can get a code to redeem on Xbox Live for early access to the game through a super secret web site ( In the game you are trying to bring together Ilo and Milo, two friends that have been separated by some very elaborately laid out obstacles. The levels are laid out in blocks and Ilo and Milo can only move between blocks that are level with each other. In each puzzle there are blocks that you can move around and different kinds of blocks have different abilities. You'll often be grabbing a block with either Milo or Ilo and then putting it in a spot where the other can pick it up. You can only carry one block at a time and you'll often be setting up blocks so you can pick them up behind you to use them up ahead. In places where the edge of a block is marked with an arrow you can move to the other face of the block so the two friends can be in different orientations. To complete a level you have to bring the two friends face to face. It is fun and challenging. I love the music and tracks can be unlocked by finding the floating records spread out through the game. March of the ilomilos is currently my favorite. The game has a colorful and rich look to it; lots of texture and warm classic colors. I would highly recommend the game to anyone that enjoys a polished and atmospheric puzzle game. Much like World of Goo, this game is full of character.