To Build a Goo Tower - a story (image heavy!)

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To Build a Goo Tower - a story (image heavy!)Bookend10/23/2008 - 13:46

To build a tower of goo is easy when you are legion. To build a tall tower of goo is simple. To balance a tall tower of goo, however, is an entirely different story...

The start is always sadding, to see so many others so high above you. Nearly 80.000 towers are taller? The goo are disheartened, but begin their long work. A simple triangular structure along the ground to start with, then three towers upwards, connect them for stability, and then up up up!

20 minutes later, the goo find new energy as they reach the first milestone - the Goo-d sign! Pretending to be goo-bees, they aim for a honeycomb structure for the maximum stability - although the balance is quite harder to maintain.

Success is within reach! The next sign has been reached, and the goo all agree on one thing. The place they want to go-o.. Is up!

Then gravity all of a sudden wakes up, and the tower thinks it belongs in Pisa. Amazingly, the structure holds - and the tower stays up...

Careful work, carefully tilting the weight to pull the tower upright, and strenghtning what weak joints that remain... But success. The tower stands taller than ever, and is once more stable enough for the goo to go up!

They built too high, too fast, though, and the tip began to fall. Moving swiftly, severing the goo of the tip, they managed to avoid having the whole structure collapse. For it is easier to reconstruct the upper few meters, than to pick the whole tower apart. Providing, of course, they can tell which parts belong to the fallen tip, and which are fundemental supporting parts of the tower...

Rejoyce! For they have reached new heights, and still with goo left!

Alas... Rushing accomplishes nothing and destroys everything, the goo learn. For in their eagerness to reach new heights, they forgot to balance their fragile structure. Too late, they find their tower is tilting too much, and too far down for them to severe parts and save what can be saved...

A personal best, though. :) The highest score I reached is probably not the score shown, seeing as I build my tower higher before it was updated. But, as said, a personal best. I prefer the triangle-structure-made-of-honeycombs, but what strategies do you guys use to reach insane heights?

Re: To Build a Goo Tower - a story (image heavy!)Marius10/23/2008 - 14:21

The triangle structure is a very good structure, since you can make all links the maximum length, which is likely to be optimal. However, the slope of the sides is too shallow, and it isn't stiff enough.

I personally use some tricks to make the slope of the sides steeper, which also introduces some internal tension, increasing the stiffness.

I like your story :)

Re: To Build a Goo Tower - a story (image heavy!)xepherys10/24/2008 - 10:17

I quite like the story.  Thanks for sharing.  I might try to make a story like this.  Be good for my rhetoric class, lol.